Joon was founded in 2005 and is based 100% on Estonian capital.

There are no common tasks.
Each task needs a creative approach.

16 years ago two men met, whose common passion was creation and production. We loved, and still love, processes the results of which you can visually measure. We truly love what we do – it is the only way we can offer the most suitable and high quality printing solutions to our customers.

When we started the company, our goal was to create an inspiring working environment where we ourselves would like to be every day. We have always followed this principle – we really like the working space we have created. We highly appreciate architecture and value quality design.

Humanity is important to us.
Both in the company and in customer relations.

Just like we are improving our company, we are also continuously looking for ways to better meet our clients’ needs. New and unique printing solutions have been a challenge that we embrace with open arms. Joon is always looking into the future, in order to stay informed about the developments and technological innovations in the world of printing.

We highly appreciate our team. We consider the willingness to learn and evolve, the wish to be a member of the team and honor our values, to be highly important. This is how we have been able to remain a reliable and professional partner to our customers and colleagues over the years.

The only mistake is not to try something.
Don’t hesitate to contact us!