Board games and card games

Prototyping, designing, and manufacturing board games and card games

Board games and card games are gaining more and more popularity. We produce board games from the prototype to the finished product and its packaging. We can make board games with more complex special solutions as well as card games made of different materials. Whether they are in simpler cardboard packaging and wear-resistant laminated cards, or in more luxurious hard boxes made of binding cardboard.

Our experience offers a broad knowledge of which solutions to offer and how to fulfill your wishes in the most optimal way, both for large and small orders. We offer complete solutions for board games and card games, during which we can also provide support in designing and manufacturing product samples. We can also package, and film wrap both board and kart games, and we also offer product logistics to as many distribution points as needed.

Tell us about your thoughts and needs, we will find a solution!

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