Packaging service

The packaging service offers a convenient solution.

Our assembly department distinguishes us from an ordinary printing house – we offer a complete solution from assembly and labeling to packaging and film wrapping. Shipping and delivery is also part of our daily routines.

We have all the necessary skills and experience in packaging all kinds of products, from the electronics industry to advertising materials. We wrap products, magazines or books in both standard and shrink film.

We also carry out complex handicrafts. Our manual packing team can assemble your products into packages and deliver the ready-made goods worldwide. Contact us if you need help with the following sections of work:

– assembling advertising materials
– assembly and packaging of campaign materials
– assembly and packaging of sales stands
– packaging of magazines and books
– packaging of nutritional supplements, health and natural products, hygiene, beauty and cosmetic products
– packaging of gift- or SIM-cards,
– blister packaging
– film packaging, heat-shrinkable film packaging
– special solutions and craft solutions for packaging services

Tell us about your idea and needs, we will definitely find a solution!

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