Package prototyping

The packaging prototype provides confidence for mass production.

Engineering plays a primary role in the development process of creating innovative packaging. Ideas for packaging begin in cooperation with you in our laboratory, and test packaging becomes tangible to ensure the flawless quality of mass production. Packaging design starts from a sketch on our packaging engineer’s desk and is turned into both a 3D model and a physical product prototype. The prototype is made for the purpose of testing and checking the product together with you – so we can jointly make sure of the suitability of the materials used and proposed production technologies.

In order for the product to be protected and with an appearance corresponding to its function, we will help you choose a functional material, and our packaging engineer will also consult you on the technology of a functional seal. With the support of our experienced sales team, you can get the most optimal price according to the specifics of your product and additional services – we can also package your products in house as soon as the packages are freshly produced. This is how we save your time and resources.

Tell us about your thoughts and needs, we will find a solution!

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